Are You Heading to Australia, How About Perth?

A country famous for its golden beaches, relaxed atmosphere, wide open outback, and the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth among others: Australia is a hugely popular destination among visitors.

The country is well known all over the world for water sports like surfing and diving, its unique wild life, as well as the beautiful natural heritage of the continent. All kinds of visitors travel to Australia, and it is possible to travel across the country on a relatively small budget.

Perth skyline

Perth is the capital of Western Australia.

Accommodation is available for all types of travellers. With options like youth hostels in Sydney or Canberra to hotels in Perth, the budget traveller can literally travel across the length and breadth of Australia and still stick to a small living budget.

Travel is also possible today on a budget what with an entire crop of low cost airlines that offer cheap flights to the far west and Perth.

Internally, renting a car would be a good option if travelling in a group. That is not to say that public transport is not good! Bus transport in Australia is cheap as well as efficient and convenient. However, being a huge country, distances between places can be overwhelming for bus travel. Hitchhiking is not a common practice, although an occasional hitchhiker on the highways is quite common.

Food and other living costs are generally comparable to the US, and Western Europe. Some tourist destinations like National parks may charge an entrance fee but many places are free to enter. A little bit of research before visiting should help the budget traveller to plan an excellent trip on a surprisingly small budget.

Fly to the west side of Australia from Sydney, save your dollars and experience what the wonderful laid back capital city of Western Australia has to offer.

First things first. What’s beautiful? The 300-plus days of sunshine in a Mediterranean-like climate. Cruising the glittering waters of the Swan River, as it cuts through the city on its way to the sea. Sharing a picnic on the manicured lawns of 400-hectare King’s Park, a combination of botanic gardens and natural bushland in the heart of the CBD and where you can find hotels and accommodation in Perth to suit every budget. Riding a bike along the Indian Ocean, from surf mecca Scarborough Beach to Cottesloe Beach’s pretty-as-a postcard shoreline. Pretending you have an island all to yourself, after taking the ferry to Perth’s unspoiled prize, Rottnest Island.

Next, what’s brilliant? Spending a morning at Caversham Wildlife Park, where lounging ‘roos’ can be fed and koalas are close enough to stroke. Escaping the day’s heat on educational tours of the Western Australian Museum or Perth Mint, located in the CBD. Manning a hired sailboat across the Swan, then savoring a perfectly frothed cappuccino at a riverside cafe.

The “no worries” part? Wander down to one of Perth’s quiet, pristine beaches at the end of the day, and watch for the elusive green flash as the sun slides below the horizon line. At that moment, the common Aussie expression “no worries” is less than a mere comment about the gentler pace of Perth — and more about the truth.

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