Making Sydney Your First Destination

If you are thinking of a holiday to the southern hemisphere and Australia is a strong consideration, travelling to Sydney may well be your first destination, however, how long will you stay Down Under?

When we book most flights, we automatically presume that we have to travel there and then straight back again. In most cases this would work out as being the only viable option. However, with return flights to Sydney are an entirely different kettle of fish.

Why is this? I hear you ask. Well, as Australia is located on the other side of the world, the fact is that you have to pretty much circle the globe whichever way you choose to go. Therefore, there is nothing preventing you from travelling out in one direction and then come back in the complete other.

Sydney Opera House

Night falls over Sydney Opera House.

Let us take a look at a couple of excellent examples here:

The most popular way for people to travel to Australia is definitely via The Far East. Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong all provide excellent locations in which you can stopover and break the journey up for a few nights. A person may choose to fly out via Singapore and then return and take in the delights of Hong Kong.

This is all very well but believe it or not, this option would not provide the lowest airfare. Often, if you continue to travel in the same direction (e.g. west to east in this case), once you return from Sydney, you could head across the Pacific and on into California or even British Columbia in Canada.

Internal travel throughout Australia and the best advice on flights can be provided by reading further as there are 5 points to consider when booking domestic flights in Australia with Sydney Flights Accommodation.

Domestic flights in Australia can be the most expensive part of your holiday, but if you’re looking for budget flights from Sydney, you have plenty of options for finding great deals. Where do you want to go on your Australian holiday? Adelaide, Brisbane, Alice Springs, Perth, Hobart, and more are all just a domestic flight away.

Airlines and their flights in Australia can be quite competitive, with many offering great last minute deals for those who have not managed to book their flights ahead of time.

Here’s 5 tips you need to know.

1. Be flexible. Check different times and dates to determine whether you can save money by altering your plans. You may even be able to save enough money to give you a bit extra to splurge elsewhere on your holiday!

2. Comparative shop. Comparing flights and airlines side by side can help you determine the best rates available so that you can save time and money.

3. Know your final destination. This will often have an effect on your price. You will more easily find great deals on well-populated flights like Sydney to Melbourne than on flights like Sydney to Alice Springs that may be popular.

4. Consider the overall value. While you may be perfectly happy with the absolute lowest cost flight you can find, if you won’t be happy with the tradeoffs you may have to make in terms of in-flight services, perks, or layovers, the deal may not be worth it in the end. Know what services you want and which you can live without before booking your flight.

5. Look online. The Internet can be your best resource for finding and comparing flights out of Sydney, allowing you to look at different airlines, agencies, and even services you may have never known about before. You may even find some great last minute deals.

There’s no time like the present to research your travel plans online and locate the best flight deals for your budget.

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