Are You Heading to Australia, How About Perth?

A country famous for its golden beaches, relaxed atmosphere, wide open outback, and the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth among others: Australia is a hugely popular destination among visitors.

The country is well known all over the world for water sports like surfing and diving, its unique wild life, as well as the beautiful natural heritage of the continent. All kinds of visitors travel to Australia, and it is possible to travel across the country on a relatively small budget.

Perth skyline

Perth is the capital of Western Australia.

Accommodation is available for all types of travellers. With options like youth hostels in Sydney or Canberra to hotels in Perth, the budget traveller can literally travel across the length and breadth of Australia and still stick to a small living budget.

Travel is also possible today on a budget what with an entire crop of low cost airlines that offer cheap flights to the far west and Perth.

Internally, renting a car would be a good option if travelling in a group. That is not to say that public transport is not good! Bus transport in Australia is cheap as well as efficient and convenient. However, being a huge country, distances between places can be overwhelming for bus travel. Hitchhiking is not a common practice, although an occasional hitchhiker on the highways is quite common.

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Making Sydney Your First Destination

If you are thinking of a holiday to the southern hemisphere and Australia is a strong consideration, travelling to Sydney may well be your first destination, however, how long will you stay Down Under?

When we book most flights, we automatically presume that we have to travel there and then straight back again. In most cases this would work out as being the only viable option. However, with return flights to Sydney are an entirely different kettle of fish.

Why is this? I hear you ask. Well, as Australia is located on the other side of the world, the fact is that you have to pretty much circle the globe whichever way you choose to go. Therefore, there is nothing preventing you from travelling out in one direction and then come back in the complete other.

Sydney Opera House

Night falls over Sydney Opera House.

Let us take a look at a couple of excellent examples here:

The most popular way for people to travel to Australia is definitely via The Far East. Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong all provide excellent locations in which you can stopover and break the journey up for a few nights. A person may choose to fly out via Singapore and then return and take in the delights of Hong Kong.

This is all very well but believe it or not, this option would not provide the lowest airfare. Often, if you continue to travel in the same direction (e.g. west to east in this case), once you return from Sydney, you could head across the Pacific and on into California or even British Columbia in Canada.

Internal travel throughout Australia and the best advice on flights can be provided by reading further as there are 5 points to consider when booking domestic flights in Australia with Sydney Flights Accommodation.

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Having a Great Travel Package is Vital

When travelling in a country or across a continent, it is very easy to lose track of your spending as you are having such a great time seeing all this great stuff. That’s why it’s very important you have an itinerary before you book your trip and the best way to sort out an itinerary and make sure you’ve budgeted your spending is by getting yourself a travel package. For a country such as Australia, having a great travel package is essential to see all of the best things on your trip down under and to really experience what they say Down Under as Totally Australia.

Australian sunset over the outback

Australian sunset over the outback.

There are several travel packages that are on offer and there is no ultimate one that’s going to allow you to see absolutely everything. You may want to pick your destination before booking, for example if you are travelling from Perth to Melbourne, you try to locate travel deals to the capital of Victoria.

Now, it’s very surprising to those of us who use the internet how much of the planet’s population is still in the dark on what you can do when you book a travel package online. Many people are still booking their trips through the old fashioned way of a travel agents and are at the mercy of how much extra hidden fees they choose to tack on to the actual price. Yes, you can save a good few dollars on your travel package if you book online.

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